Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Begin My Membership?

Most Members contact us before joining us as a Paid Member so we can help you pick the right products and services for your brand. If you order ahead, in most cases, we contact you shortly after payment is received and confirm your:

  • domain name (the .com you want)
  • website hosting options
  • business email setup (private personalized email address)
  • website training (if ordered)
  • WordPress account information
  • website plugin options
  • website building tools needed for your project

We will work to customize your WordPress back-end to your needs and setup:

  • eCommerce (for the products and services you sell, or giveaway)
  • forms database
  • membership levels
  • subscription levels
  • basic SEO
  • analytics

What Do Artists Win Members Receive?

Every Artists Win Member receives:

  • access to a high-quality WordPress website back-end
  • 7+ premium WordPress themes
  • 24/7 email support (chat support during select business hours)
  • free troubleshooting from our support team

Artists Win’s do-it-yourself tools enable you to manage your brand, measure your ROI, and connect instantly with your website’s members, subscribers, and prospects.

To see more of what Artists Win Members receives visit the membership signup page.

Will My Membership Automatically Renew?

No, we will not automatically renew your membership. We will send you a reminder weeks before your membership is set to expire.

Renewal Options:

  1. Renew for a 20% discount
  2. Not renew

If a member does not renew, no charge will be applied, and access to themes, plugins, and Artists Win products and services are not granted.

Can I Download My Website?

No. To ensure your website stays online, running, and secure, Artists Win Members websites are the property of Artists Win. The content you upload to the site like images, your blog posts, and pages are your property; we can help you copy those files and back them up.

All Artists Win Members have access to cool themes, plugins, and can use them 24/7 365 as long as they are a current member.

What Is Your Refund Policy

Due to the ordering of products and services associated with your Artists Win Membership all upfront cost, payments, signup fees, are not refundable. All sales are final. We advise all potential members to contact us before ordering any products or services. We have full do-it-yourself options should you want to manage your brand from start to finish.

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